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    [Advantages of polypropylene staple fiber masterbatches]
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    Polypropylene staple fiber masterbatch is well-selected, has good physical properties, and has a bright and stable color. It is widely used in the coloring of polypropylene carpet yarns, polypropylene filaments, polypropylene staple fibers, polypropylene denier filaments, and polypropylene fine denier filaments.

    Polypropylene staple fiber masterbatch can provide customers with personalized services according to customers' different color, monofilament fineness, silk shape, temperature resistance, light resistance and other performance requirements.

    Instructions for the use of polypropylene staple fiber masterbatches: Different processing temperature requirements will be required according to the actual production equipment, and the addition amount of colored masterbatches should be controlled between 0.8% and 5% to ensure the smooth processing of polypropylene filaments.

    Polypropylene staple fiber masterbatch packaging and storage: The product is packed in double layers, the inner layer is a waterproof and moisture-proof polyethylene film bag, and the outer layer is a paper-plastic composite bag. Standard packaging is 25 kg / bag. Please store in a ventilated, dry place, and place cushions to avoid the sun and rain. The color shelf life of masterbatch can reach 5 years. After opening the package, the remaining part should be resealed to prevent dust pollution and moisture absorption.


    Polypropylene staple fiber masterbatch can make the pigment fully and uniformly dispersed in the product, and obtain good compatibility between the pigment and the resin. It solves the problems of directly dyeing the products with pigments, pigment and tree tolerances, uneven dyeing, pollution to the equipment environment and other products. The color masterbatch is easy to use. Because the color masterbatch and plastic particles have similar particle diameters, comparable specific gravity, and good mixing properties, they can be mixed with general equipment or even manually stirred. It can be used for full mixing or fixed coextrusion. And other methods.

    Tangshan Weiye Plastic Co., Ltd.'s polypropylene short fiber masterbatch has the obvious advantages: easy to use, can be used to integrate colorants, anti-aging agents, antistatic agents, etc., into a multi-functional masterbatch. Uniform coloring and stable production process can improve product quality. Wide adaptability, can be adapted to manual and highly automated molding production systems. Environmental protection, no cross pollution in the same environment.

    If you have a need for our products, please call us for consultation! We always adhere to the principle of customer first and service first, and sincerely hope to work with you for common development! Please pay more attention to us and share more exciting with you! Tangshan Weiye Plastic Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production and research of masterbatches, which is exclusively for polypropylene staple fiber masterbatches! Welcome to inquire!

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