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    [The carpet is colored with polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch.]
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    Walking in winter will not ice-footed female compatriots need to rug the most. Indeed, if there is a girl with a cold body, you should pay more attention to the warmth of your feet. The carpet is completely lazy.

    It is cleaned once a week. As long as the vacuum cleaner with a large suction power is absolutely clean, and it hardly raises dust, it makes sense that the dust will be fixed by the carpet's fluff.

    "Choose a good-looking carpet, not only lift up at home, but also concave shape on it. How concave is beautiful, the photos taken have a texture," the carpet team added a point!

    The carpet in the bedroom does not need to be too large, and sometimes it is only necessary to put a small piece on the side of the bed. Preventing your feet from coming out of the warm quilt and directly touching the cold ground is the biggest use of the carpet in the bedroom.

    Pay attention to the back of the carpet to avoid more than gain. When buying a carpet, take the time to research the handicraft on the back of the carpet. The back of some carpets is too rough and may scratch the floor when placed on the floor. Identify the quality of the carpet and avoid selecting unqualified carpets. When buying a carpet, you must first identify the material. The easiest way is to remove a few threads from the carpet, and then identify the material of the carpet according to the burning situation and the odor after ignition. Carpet selection and matching.

    When choosing a carpet, don't like it because of the color of the carpet. Buying it back doesn't suit the style, and the carpet cannot be used, causing waste. Therefore, you must consider the decoration style of the house when choosing a carpet, and choose a suitable carpet.

    Tangshan Weiye Plastics Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production and research of masterbatches, which is exclusively for polypropylene carpet silk masterbatches!

    The carpet is colored with polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch. The color masterbatch is easy to use. It can integrate colorants, anti-aging agents, antistatic agents and other aggregates into a multi-functional masterbatch. The color masterbatch is evenly colored, and the production process is stable, which can improve the quality of the product.

    Polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch product application: polypropylene FDY, BCF carpet silk

    Polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch product features: high pigment content, bright color; produced by advanced wet grinding technology, uniform particles; uniform dispersion, good compatibility; products are completely environmentally friendly, no heavy metals can pass REACH, ROHS; stable quality , Color lasting; less waste, low cost, high added value.

    The remarkable advantages of polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch are easy to use. It can integrate colorants, anti-aging agents, antistatic agents and other aggregates into a multi-functional masterbatch. Uniform coloring and stable production process can improve product quality. Wide adaptability, can be used for manual and highly automated molding production systems. Green and environmentally friendly, no cross pollution in the same environment.

    Tangshan Weiye Plastic Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development of polypropylene carpet silk master batch for more than ten years.

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