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    [How do masterbatch choose pigments?]
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    Masterbatch is just a general term. It is also divided into many types of functional masterbatches, each with different functions, so the requirements for pigments are different. Today we will look at it together, without the type of functional color. How the masterbatch chooses the pigment.

    (1) The pigments selected for the heat-resistant masterbatch, the most basic requirements can withstand the temperature in the production process of polypropylene fibers, and maintain the stability of its performance. The temperature resistance temperature is generally required to be 270~280°C or more.

    (2) The pigment for the dispersible masterbatch is excellent in dispersibility, and is uniformly dispersed in the masterbatch, and the dispersant used does not lower the quality of the polypropylene fiber. Otherwise, it is impossible to produce a good quality colored liquid of the raw liquid, and the operation is also unstable, and it is easy to break or generate abnormal fibers when the fiber is drawn.

    (3) Brightness The coloring of the polypropylene stock solution has various uses, among which the bed cover base fabric and the knitted fabric require a bright color tone. Since organic pigments are bright and vivid, and are easy to color, organic pigments are required for use in the above applications.

    (4) Light resistance Some pigments have a photosensitizing effect under the action of light, which causes the colored fibers to fade and be brittle, and the light resistance of the pigment is basically related to its chemical structure. Therefore, attention should be paid to the light fastness of the pigment when making the masterbatch. When a light-resistant pigment is used, it is conceivable to add a UV absorber.

    (5) The pigment used in the stability masterbatch has excellent stability against the black masterbatch polypropylene fiber. That is to say, the colored fiber polymer does not react with the fiber after prolonged contact with heat, light or high temperature, and a new chemical group is formed to degrade the polymer performance.

    The masterbatch of the color masterbatch is selected to ensure the effect of the finished product. If the pigment is not selected, various problems may occur during the production process, resulting in a product that is very different from the expected product, which is worth the loss. It is.

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