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    [A new round of production of polyester industrial yarn]
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    A new round of production of polyester industrial yarn, the market "has a hard time"

    This year, with the global economic slump, trade friction between China and the United States, and the new investment capacity of the polyester industry chain, the high profit of polyester industrial yarn in the second half of 2018 has gradually drifted away. The focus of the polyester industrial yarn market has further declined this year. In the state of continuous compression of the profits, it is difficult for the Starfire to ignite the trend of the weak operation of the polyester industrial yarn. Let's take a closer look at the new capacity of the polyester industrial yarn in recent years.

    Throughout this year, the downstream factories of polyester industrial yarns are very sensitive to changes in raw material prices and demand is cautious. The Sino-US trade dispute issue, the continuous production of raw material end PTA, ethylene glycol, polyester industrial yarn equipment and the lack of downstream demand follow-up are the main factors affecting the pessimistic sentiment of the polyester industrial yarn market this year. As of November 8, the market price of polyester industrial silk mainstream models once hit a minimum price of 8600 yuan / ton in the past five years.

    In the first half of the year, with the launch of Wuxi Solitaire and the new capacity of the raw material end Hengli Petrochemical PTA, the market began to enter the weak channel. In the middle of the year, the factory concentrated on low-cost shipments, and the inventory stage dropped rapidly. To a certain extent, it boosted the mentality of market participants, and the market price increased slightly. However, the good fortune was not long. The polyester industrial yarn market was first raised and then suppressed. At the end of August, the factory once again showed a concentrated low-price shipment status. The market mainstream model price fell back to the edge of the cost line. The price of the mainstream model of polyester industrial yarn remained at 8800 yuan/ Ton.

    With the advent of Jinjiuyin 10, market participants are not expected to be as good as in previous years in September-October. Although the price is gradually rising in the month, the overall sales volume is limited, and direct sales lead to the accumulation of finished goods inventory; as of the end of September, the mainstream market price Maintained at 9900 yuan / ton. With the advent of the National Day holiday, the factory shipments were not good, and the inventory continued to rise, resulting in a rapid decline in the mainstream price of the post-holiday market, and the mainstream price continued to refresh five-year low. As of November 8, the market price of polyester industrial silk mainstream models is 8600 yuan / ton.

    As for the polyester industrial silk market at the end of the year and 2020, it is not excluded that with the continuous increase of new capacity in the later period, the supply and demand pattern of domestic polyester industrial yarn will be further upgraded and transformed. In December of this year, the polyester fiber silk mill Guxian Road was shut down due to boiler renovation problems, which boosted the market.

    On the supply side, the polyester industrial yarn market is in a stage of rapid production growth in recent years. In 2019, the new capacity of polyester industrial yarn was 145,200 tons, including 130,000 tons/year of Wuxi Solit Development Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Hengtong Printing and Dyeing Group Co., Ltd. added 0.72. Ten thousand tons per year, Henan Luoyang City Darong New Materials Co., Ltd. 0.8 million tons / year. Polyester industrial yarns have been increasing in production capacity in recent years. In addition to the planned increase of 110,000 tons in Haili Vietnam, the domestic production capacity is expected to increase by 950,000 tons in the future. In general, polyester industrial yarns are in a state of oversupply, and the downstream demand for polyester industrial yarns needs to be continuously improved and matched.

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