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    [Snow in 24 solar terms | Snow is fragrant, time is gentle!]
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    Fragrant snow, gentle time

    Winter is brought by a beautiful snowflake. If there is no decoration for snow in winter, no matter how hard it is, it cannot hide its timidity and loneliness.

    In the middle of the winter season, there must be snowflakes fanning wings like butterflies, flying to your window, falling into your palm, taking a nap on your expectations.

    Meeting with Dong is a fate,

    Meeting with Daxue is a fate.

    "Small snow seals the mountain, heavy snow seals the river"

    Heavy snow is the third solar term in winter

    Marks the official beginning of midwinter season

    Temperatures will drop significantly

    Today is December 7, 2019

    Heavy snow

    We use one point of sincerity and two points of heart

    Three blessings, four caring

    Add a perfect blessing

    Wish you a happy winter

    It's snowing, the wind is blowing

    Bless you

    Good health, don't catch a cold

    Good mood, sunny

    Here you are, Fu Yuanbao

    It ’s time for heavy snow, greetings are indispensable

    It's not difficult to warm your heart in winter, Tangshan Albert would like you to be healthy and not cold

    I hope you have a good ending at the end of the year

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